Project No. 2011-01

Location: New Orleans, LA

Contract Value: $10,140,000

Completion Date: January 2011 - est. May 2021

Owner/POC: City of New Orleans/ Jordan Helveston / 504.658.8000 /

Project Specific Disciplines

  • Project Management
  • Energy Efficiency Design
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Management
  • QA/QC Management

The City of New Orleans Department of Public Works has contracted Royal to manage street light operations and to oversee the city selected maintenance contractor. The project scope of work calls for Royal to perform the following:

  • Manage a work order system, to track and assign all work
  • Manage the intake of complaints and outage reports
  • Coordinate third party activities affecting street light repair and operations
  • Perform weekly patrols of all street lights to identify outages and verify repairs
  • Complete a day-time assessment of street lighting system
  • Review and recommend streetlight repair contractor estimates for non-routine maintenance work
  • Monitor and review non-routine maintenance repairs
  • Maintain and update GIS based maps of the individual street lights and underground circuits
  • Verify of Contractor invoices to the city
  • Control the inventory of city owned material

Royal also developed a state of the art street light management software. Instead of using an antiquated paper driven work order system, this software introduces an enhanced GPS based, real time work order tracking system. It provides real time results from maintenance crews to the call center and most importantly to the client. The client has the ability to access the work order system at any time through a web- based interface, giving them instant information from the field. This system also allows for proactive maintenance. For years, the City of New Orleans has used a reactive street light maintenance system relying on patrols of the city recognizing spot outages. With the new system, the City recognizes which lights are nearing the end of the life span and initiates a work order for the bulb to be changed before it ever goes out.

Using the Daytime Patrol as a data source, the Royal team provided the City with a Lighting Master Plan, which provided the City with a detailed report of the current state of street lighting. Royal provided a luxometric analysis of every lighted area in the city to determine the lighting needs of the city. It also helped the City to identify the lighting levels and determine which areas of the City that are not lighted enough and/or areas that are light polluted.

The Master Plan effort also included an analysis and determination of system suitability for an energy efficient upgrade to LED lighting to realize longer life span, less maintenance, and less wattage usage. In April 2014, $14.7MM was authorized for a one-time Energy Smart funds conversion of old street lights on the east bank of Orleans Parish, to the energy-efficient LED fixtures. The Royal Streetlight Management Team was enlisted to provide project management and construction engineering and inspection services for these conversions, in addition to ongoing streetlight maintenance services.