Royal Engineers & Consultants believes that outstanding leadership means careful and continual stewardship of the community. Each year, the Royal team invests dedicated funds and helping hands to the charitable organizations that we believe make the most impact in our communities and to those in need.

The Royal Team participates in a very diverse array of community organizations that directly reflect the passions and interest of our staff.  We welcome a very open line of communication that allows our team to participate in helping the community in ways that are most important to them.  This has included service projects with The Ronald McDonald House, American Cancer Society, Hands On NOLA, Coalition to Restore Louisiana, and The New Orleans Mission, to name a few.  Our commitment extends far beyond financial contributions as we feel that our most significant method to impact our communities is through OUR TIME.

We value the relationship-building time and are honored to have the opportunity to serve where it matters most. To get in touch with Royal Engineers & Consultants to share information about your organization or event, please complete the form below.

Community Outreach Request Form