Project No. 2016-23-05

Location: New Orleans, LA

Completion Date: July 2018

Owner/POC: Josh Hartley, P.E. – DPW SR Engineer

Project Specific Disciplines

  • Resident Inspection
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Contract Administration
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Agency Coordination

Royal was hired by the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works to perform Royal Engineers & Consultants was hired by the City of New Orleans (CNO) Department of Public Works (DPW) to perform construction administration and management services for Emergency Catch Basin Cleaning and Repairs following the citywide flooding associated with the storm/rain event on August 5, 2017. The CNO storm drainage system contains over 65,000 catch basins and over 1,000,000 linear feet of storm drain laterals varying in type and size. The system has been in need of significant cleaning and repairs and the urgency for these services was elevated due to the flooding event that took place in August of 2017. DPW identified funding and resources to implement emergency cleaning and repairs for approximately 15,000 catch basins and 225,000 linear feet of adjacent laterals. Royal was responsible for managing one cleaning contractor, Compliance Envirosystems (CES) and one repair contractor, Hardrock Construction Company. Royal and CES were tasked with cleaning the catch basins and laterals within a 120 calendar day period, while Royal and Hardrock were tasked with completing all allowed repairs within 10 months of notice to proceed. For both contractors, Royal provided all construction management, data management, reporting, reporting platform deployment, quality assurance, administration, resident inspection, pay applications and closeout services. Royal delivered this program on time and well under budget. As a result of being well under anticipated budget during the cleaning period, DPW authorized the Royal/CES team to divert the remaining cleaning budget to clean over 100,000 linear feet of citywide main drainage lines, which further relieved some of the pressures on the city’s drainage.

Specific duties for the Resident Inspector (RI) included, but were not limited to:

  • Observe construction at all times the contractor is working on critical work items
  • Inspect, measure and appropriately track (eligible) work completed for pay requests
  • Ensure work does not adversely affect utilities, adjacent areas and/or property, etc.
  • Prepare daily field reports, and/or field books
  • Photograph and/or document work progress
  • Pre & Post Inspection Detailed Reports & Photos
  • Document and coordinate with DPW for unforeseen items encountered during construction
  • Prepare memorandums or documentation required for field changes
  • Verify contractor providing adequate traffic control and site safety procedures
  • Prepare incident reports

Construction Management and Administration Deliverables included:

  • Document Control Management statistics reports
  • Weekly Progress Dashboards
  • Construction Submittal Management progress reports
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Pay Request Approvals
  • Invoice Management reports
  • Trend/Issues Management reports/Corrective Action Reports
  • Field Quality Assurance Plans & Reports
    As-Built Drawings
  • Closeout Documents/Warranty/Operations Manual

Resident Inspection Deliverables include:

  • Daily Reports
  • Field Order Reports
  • Monthly Quantity Reports
  • Pre & Post Inspection Photos & (Field Documentation)
  • Monthly Pay Request Approvals