Project No. 2014-35

Location: New Orleans, LA

Contract Value: $659,110

Completion Date: Ongoing

Owner/POC: Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans
Flozelle Roberts / 504.865.0660

Project Specific Disciplines

  • Engineering Design
  • Permitting
  • Project Management
  • Agency Coordination
  • Directional Drilling
  • Roadway Replacement

On March 30, 2015 the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (S&WB) contracted Royal Engineers and Consultants, LLC (Royal) to perform engineering design services for the replacement of an existing 16 inch and 12 inch fusible PVC sewer force main located the Algiers (Kansas) and New Orleans East (Jourdan) neighborhoods, respectively. In addition to design services, Royal is provid-ing specifications, bid items, and apply for all local, state, and federal permits required.The existing Kansas St. force main is bound-ed by Seine St. and Vespasian Street and it crosses General De Gaulle Dr. below the canal where it enters a 25 foot wide servi-tude between surrounding businesses and apartments. The force main is approximately 2,450 feet long and 5 feet deep and dis-tributes sewerage from Bridge Plaza Pump Station to Garden Oaks Pump Station. The existing Jourdan Rd. force main is bounded by Hayne Boulevard and Old Gentilly Road. It crosses two railroad crossings and a flood-wall and is approximately 10,300 feet long.Royal has developed a replacement strategy and guideline for installation of the new sewer force main within the preliminary design documents. The proposed method to replace the 16 and 12 inch sewer force mains is to directional bore. For Kansas St., the north and south pipe line segments of General De Gaulle Drive, using fusible PVC C-905 pipe, while using 16” ductile iron pipe for an aerial crossing of the canal line segment. The force main will erect out of the ground at each canal bank side and remain above the 100 year storm elevation to avoid damage from any debris within the canal. Pile supported pipe line braces will be installed on each side of the canal to secure the force main. For Jourdan Rd., north and south of the railroad crossings will be directional drilled using 12” fusible PVC C-905 pipe. When crossing the railroad, a method of jack and bore, while using a 24” cast iron casing will be used beneath the railroad. The boring pits for both Kansas and Jourdan, will be excavated strategically at a maximum spacing of 800 linear feet to avoid roadway damage. All connections at boring pits will be reinforced using connection restraints.Following the installation of the new force main, the existing pipe line will be plugged and abandoned by pumping flowable grout into the line.