Royal Launches New Digital Transformation Service Offering and Debuts RoyalVUE Platform

Today, Royal Engineers & Consultants, LLC announced that it has established a dedicated Digital Transformation practice focused on helping clients leverage proven technologies to improve productivity and enhance the customer and employee experience. The company has developed its own digital transformation platform, RoyalVUE, to deliver this new service offering.

“Royal has built its reputation on intentionally doing things differently—not for the sake of simply being unique—but to continually deliver value to our clients in non-traditional ways,” said Royal Engineers & Consultants President, Mike Pugh. “RoyalVUE, was initially developed as an internal solution to improve our own responsiveness and efficiency by digitizing overly manual and time-consuming processes. It has changed the way we work and deliver service, and we immediately recognized the benefits it could bring to our clients.”

Royal’s Digital Transformation practice is led by Dave Williams who brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience implementing technology-based solutions to improve productivity and collaboration.

“The infrastructure industry across the Gulf Coast is more than ready to realize the benefits from digital transformation,” said Williams. “Most organizations recognize the need for digital solutions but struggle with inflexible, off-the-shelf options or service providers that do not understand the nuances of their business. Royal’s industry experience combined with the technical capabilities of our Digital Transformation practice enable us to deliver practical solutions that improve business performance and enhance collaboration.”

Through the RoyalVUE platform, the company is providing customized digital transformation solutions scaled to the specific needs of each client’s organization. For additional information, visit: